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BONDTECH Corporation is fully aware of its social responsibility and is more than willing to use its resources to help the community. This was evident during the recent Ebola Virus threat.

In Dallas, the death of a Liberian man due to Ebola virus has prompted serious national concern. It appears that the victim was able to travel through Brussels and Washington before being diagnosed with the Ebola virus in Dallas. The incident, along wth the increasing number of cases of Ebola virus overseas had all the medical facilities in the U.S, scrambling to take extra precautions against the virus. To keep the deadly virus at bay, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC advocates the extreme importance of intense sterilization and precautions when dealing with medical waste and equipment. BONDTECH Corp. President Elsa J. Brown also expressed her belief that aggressive sterilization methods are necessary to stop the virus from spreading. As one of the world’s leading supplier of autoclaves systems, BONDTECH Corporation has all the knowledge and resources to share to the community about the proper implementation of effective infection control. Being equipped with the right knowledge in proper medical waste disposal will give the community a good fighting chance against the virus. With the recent discovery that the Ebola virus does not spread through the air but through bodily fluids and direct contact, proper cleaning and segregation of all stained sheets, clothing, syringes, gauze and other used medical supplies in every hospital and medical care facility have become the top priority. The sterilization of medical instruments should be carried out using an aggressive method. BONDTECH strongly recommends using autoclaves systems to sterilize the medical waste. BONDTECH’s recommendation was further validated by the CDC who stressed the importance of practicing proper infection control and sterilization measures.

With more than 30 years of experience in the field of autoclave engineering, BONDTECH knows how important their role is in educating the community about using autoclaves for the treatment of biological waste.

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2013 SAMPE Tech
2013 SAMPE Tech will take place in Wichita, Kansas. Expect 4 days full of excellent conference programs and 2 days of interesting exhibits. The event attracts an average of 1,500 professionals and 200 exhibiting companies every year. BONUS! Since SAMPE Tech is co-located with the Wichita Industrial Trade Show which is set to take place on October 22-24, SAMPE Tech attendees will instantly receive free access to the trade show. The Wichita Industrial Trade Show attracts exhibitors from all sectors of the industrial community. It’s a massive exhibit of services, machinery, and equipment for the manufacturing community.

GlassBuild AMerica 2013
The Atlanta exhibit floor was filled with companies from all parts of the globe during the GlassBuild AMerica 2013 event. 14 countries were represented. More than half of the 69 first time exhibitors were companies that are based outside the U.S. The participating companies showcased cutting edge and highly innovative glass, door and window related products.

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